Monday, February 26, 2007

Ireland: Our Arrival.

We are back from our first overseas trip! Pictures and stories will follow! We had a terrific time and are looking forward to more travel!

Our Arrival:
We flew on Scandinavian Airlines...which was fantastic! We had a very nice dinner on the plane, two free beverages, then water and candy before the flight attendants put everyone to bed. Neither of us slept very well, who does on a plane? We were given a cold breakfast with coffee and hot towel to freshen up before we landed. We had a 3 hr layover in Copenhagen (an airport that does not announce when your plane is boarding pay attention!) during which Sara slept and I waited to find out which gate we were supposed to leave from...this didn't happen until about 20 minutes before boarding time. At the airport I found Danish money on a chair that started off my finding coins every day of our trip! (wish there had been a casino nearby) The flight to Dublin was uneventful and C and F were at the airport when we arrived and ready to take us to dinner! We ate at an Italian/Mexican restaurant called Mexico to Rome (Italian is abundant in Dublin...who knew?) and the meals just kept getting better ;) We were both pretty tired, I crashed pretty hard by the time we got to C and F's house.

We found our accommodations to be fabulous! Thanks again to the C and F for putting us up! I highly recommend staying with them! Maynooth (the suburb/town we were in) is right on the train line into Dublin and a quaint little college town in itself. Our room was very comfortable in addition to being cute! So...we crashed at 11pm that night and awoke at 9 the next morning....we kept that schedule pretty much the whole time...sometimes we got up at 8am and ONCE we got up at 7am! Not bad for vacation! Neither of us had any jet lag to speak of...I think we got lucky!

C and F took time off on Friday and the four of us with our boy 'A' , left for a weekend traveling to the South west of Ireland....Kilkenny, Waterford (home of Waterford Crystal), Wexford and Cashel!

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