Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ireland... the summary slide.

And things I forgot...

First, what a terrific trip! I couldn't have imagined our first trip overseas would be so much fun! There were a few things we accidentally did right...

1. Staying with C & F, and in one place the whole time. This gave us a restful home to come back to each night and people to do things with or bounce ideas off of... and it saved us some considerable dough! Thanks again ladies!

2. Arriving both in Ireland and home in the late afternoon/evening... we stayed up for a few hours and then awoke in the morning re-set... neither of us experienced any jet lag.

3. (warning: product plug) Airborne. I usually don't jump on a bandwagon... but I have never flown on a plane without getting sick before. Neither of us got anything, not even a sniffle. I don't think we took it according to the directions...we took fewer, one a day the few days before, during and after the flight, repeat on the way back.

4. Lots of pictures!

5. Relaxed agenda ... like Rick says, explore as if you will come back... meaning don't try to cram it all in. By not always having a plan we discovered new things.

6. Public transport! This is a must! It was nice not to have to rely on a rental car or rides and by getting to know the mass transit, we got to know the city better.

I know there are stories we forgot...but those will be the fun gaps to fill in when we talk about it and re-live it again with friends. Here is one for the road....

We were heading out for our second day in Dublin, it was 8am! Sara pointed out an older gentleman at the train station with a huge smudge on his forehead... like he had stoked the fire before he left the house and scratched his head, leaving a huge sooty mark. We debated for quite a while... should we mention it? We don't want to embarrass him. I went over how it could be done tactfully, as did Sara. Why hadn't anyone else told him? How had he managed to get all the way to the platform without at least one of his cronies pointing it out? We had almost mustered the courage to tell him when...we realized....

It was Ash Wednesday! And we were in a largely Catholic country! Wouldn't that have been a testament to our narrow American upbringing???? " Excuse me sir, you have some dirt on your head." Faux-pas narrowly averted! We saw many more ash crosses on men, women, boys and girls throughout the day...but no longer felt the moral dilemma about pointing it out!

This ends the Ireland files in the blog... we will be updating you regarding the closing of the condo from now on... and anything else we find relevant!

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