Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kilkenny to Waterford

Ahhh.... Irish Breakfast! Nothing like a slice of black pudding staring up at you before coffee! I can only assume that all that meat (black pudding, white pudding, sausage, ham and eggs) for breakfast everyday has something to do with Guinness the night before. We were tickled to see that SuperMac's (the Irish version of McDonalds) serves Irish breakfast daily... very probably in a convenient Styrofoam 'take away' container!
Sara ate her black pudding... I tasted mine, but couldn't quite bring myself to eat it. After breakfast, we checked out and headed to our first castle... Kilkenny castle! There has been a castle on this site since 1172, and the current castle is built using some of the original fortress walls. the most current descendants told the castle to the government in 1967 for 50 pounds. One of things I found most striking, next to the overall architecture, was the drawing room (so called because its the room to which the family withdrew to spend idle hours). The wall were covered in bright yellow silk, which acted to illuminate the room with any available light. I posted all our castle photos to a web album for your viewing pleasure, the entire album site can also be linked to at right, by clicking Jen and Sara's photos.

After Kilkenny we headed out to Waterford... to do some shopping at the Waterford Crystal Showroom...Sara and I each bought a little something for our Grandmas! Some of the work was amazing! Amazing in the way one would ask...why do you suppose they made this out of Crystal??? Unfortunately, for bargain hunters, Waterford Crystal keeps NO SECONDS! Everything is perfect... unless you have F's eagle eye, she found a couple of imperfections within minutes of walking in. Sara and I, on the other hand, found this cool crystal football helmet. (note: don't ask the sales lady if this a rugby helmet... she will politely inform you, without smiling, that rugby players don't wear helmets... which you will then realize you knew already) Also, they DO NOT have crystal toilets in the public restrooms here. We are fairly sure they must be in the private staff restrooms though.

Where were C and A during all this? How did the three and half year old do running around in an expensive crystal factory??? He refused to get out of the car! Can you blame him? In and out, here and there in a car filled with yammering women, well, he finally just put his butt down and decided to stay put! That's our boy!

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