Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Condo Update

The appraisal is done and the whole shebang now goes over to the Washington State Housing Finance Commission for final approval. Our loan officer is confident there will not be any problems, so I am trying to be confident too. We will have final word and be signing papers early next week...according to people that know.

We have sold the pink recliner, sold one out of three bookcases, and have the futon, and some bedding advertised on Craigslist.... we are not moving anything we don't want to keep! And if by some unfortunate disaster the sale falls through this late in the game...well, as consolation, we still get a new couch out of the deal.

Today, our agent (well...the agent we wanted but was too busy for us) is letting us in to measure so we can buy flooring (laminate dark wood), and window coverings (top down/bottom up shades). *I* will take some pictures too...we all saw what happened when Sara had the camera...and post them soon.

This weekend we are off to Grammies for Easter! Yum!

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