Monday, April 30, 2007

The pace slows...

We are officially moved into our new place and out of our old place! We got the keys 11 days ago and since then have kept up an aggressive move-in schedule. Here is the timeline...

Wednesday: Get keys, take some boxes over to new place, buy paint and supplies.

Thursday: Jen cleans from top to bottom, Sara arrives and we tear out carpet (ew!), carpet pad and dangerous carpet nail-laden things..narrowly avoiding tetnus! Drink a pint and play trivia at our local gay bar, I think we would have swept Trivia, if we hadn't been so tired

Friday: Move a few boxes. Finish carpet, load up Stanley's truck and head to the transfer station and hazardous waste dump (with previous owners paint). Sweep, vacuum, tape walls and windows for painting. Mom arrives at 4ish, we paint, eat and then paint. Surprise, the previous owner used non-paintable silicone caulk to caulk the trim...which mom is attacking with a combo of vinegar, sandpaper and a putty knife. We work until 1am.

Saturday: Up early, breakfast, painting by 9am, Sara leaves for Shores family reunion, Mom and keep up the pace...Paint until 10pm.

Sunday: No rest for the weary! We continue the near completed painting and have time to do a bonus painting of the bathroom! Sara returns after her 26 hour visit (7 of those driving!) to completed paint job and we all pile in the car to go to Lowes (Boys R Us) for flooring! We give Mom the cash, she pays (no tax...shhhhhh) and heads home. We unload and repair a few low spots with concrete patch, then go back to the apartment to clean up and pack more.

Monday: Up early, begin laying moisture barrier. 12:30 my folks arrive and they begin laying acoustic barrier 9pm we have a third of the floor in. Dinner with M, H and Chloe!

Tuesday: Back to work, me for a half day, the folks have the floor half done by the time I get back, and almost all of the complicated cuts done. I am sent out on errands, pick up Sara and we nearly complete the floor that evening. One tricky board left. Dinner at Bizzaros!

Wednesday: Work...folks finish up and head home. Sara and I start the trim and finish packing and move a few more boxes this evening.

Thursday: Finish all the trim and we move the bed! Our first night in the new place!

Friday: Moving Day! Four trips, 2 cars each time (one load with 3 cars...thanks Emily)...its all in! We attend a womens HRC event at an art gallery, take a taxi home after some inexpensive teriyaki.

Saturday: Unpack (nesting is what I call it) until noon. To apartment and clean for 2.5 hours...Technically, since we broke our lease, we shouldn't have gotten our deposit back. But since we were tenants in good standing, we were told if we left the place clean, clean, clean we would get it back. We also took it upon ourselves to find the next tenant to take it over and tried to give them at least a couple days to get it ready for the next tenant. We left it sparkling...MUCH cleaner than when I moved in! After cleaning, we did the final walk-through, turned in our keys and officially only had one home! We then did a very expensive (pre-planned) IKEA trip!

Sunday: Sleep in until 6:30am! Sara rode her bike to get the paper, and surprised me with my favorite...cinnamon rolls! We enjoy a quiet morning until its late enough to make noise and then assemble our IKEA finds and start to put things away....we end the evening with a little T and V...being 2/3 unpacked and assembled!

Monday...I better get to work!

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Sunny Sea Port said...

Oh boy! When can I come over and drool on your floors?