Friday, May 04, 2007

Good intentions...

I will post pictures soon. I wanted to wait until our framed pictures were up and everything was 'just so'...but as you live in a space it evolves...and we may re-rearrange furniture before we hang pictures, because, well obviously, one affects the other!

So I won't wait for perfection...I will take some photos next week and you can see the Before and Afters!

As for this weekend we are off to my celebrate my Great Uncle's life and to gather in remembrance of his passing last week.

He is someone I admired and loved so much. Its hard to imagine what things will be like him 'here'. I will miss laughing, cribbage, beers, smiles, talking and walks with him.

A passing is a call to step up and live the legacy that is left in your heart.

I wish we all could have known him.

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