Monday, May 21, 2007

The office: Part II

The actual room.... essential storage, new top-down shade (I cheated by using a pre-made bottom up cellular blind, attaching fasteners to the shade for the cord to attach to, then running the cord through hook-eyes and cleating it off on the side. That way it saved up to $200 per shade (compared to custom top-down/bottom-up) and I get to practice my knots for sailing! Although the string and hook-eyes aren't really noticeable, a wood fascia on the the inside of the window would cover them if you were interested. Yes. Its red shag rug.

Our work station...right now the printer is on the floor...we have a small table with drawers that is stored at grammies which we will soon pick up and use as a printer table...once we paint it in coordinating colors.

The office down the hall..we took off the door to the office since, there isn't enough room to use it as a guest space anyway, it really opened it up visually. Geeky DNA-like right-handed helix lamp (Thnx Reggie) have to be true to your nature.

And IKEA shade closet doors...they turned out more neutral than anything else in the room, not enough color, but we are waiting until the arm chair and ottoman (more from Grammies) come into their spot in front of the closet before we decide if its too blah.
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Sunny Sea Port said...

Geez! You guys could have your own TV show. Help my mom do something with my room, would ya? It's a disaster. "Coordinating"? I'm sure I've never heard that word before.