Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What? What have we been up to???

Well, We have now brought back all our furniture from storage (in Grandma's basement) and have integrated everything into the house...which means my clothes are no longer in boxes on the floor. While we were in Toppenish we watched them paint a mural, ate breakfast with the Lions in the park and tested out our new techie toy...The Optoma Movietime DV10! Circuit city had a kick-A deal (probably because the DV11 is soon to be released) sale and rebate. Approx. $300 less than most stores plus a $100 rebate that includes a 92" screen and subwolfer.

To give you an idea of how much fun this will be for us, allow me to set the scene... currently we watch movies on our laptop ( its 15 " screen isn't too bad when its set up on the coffee table we just have to make sure our feet are not in the way of the screen) . For a long time there was no TV at all...but Sara LOVES football , so we got a TV Tuner card for the laptop... no cable service? No worries! We have Rabbit ears! Yes, sometimes with tinfoil added, plugged into the TV tuner, plugged into the laptop and sitting on the coffee table. High tech? Low tech? I don't know. But now we have the projector...and an external TV tuner on the way. There are still some furniture/set up logistics to work out...but I will keep you posted

I managed to patch the hole in the drywall where we moved the light box and put up our new bathroom light, and get it puttied, sanded, textured and painted. Can you tell where the old light was and where the original electrical box was? Well?

We made yet another run to Goodwill...I cannot believe how much stuff we have been able to get rid of and we both have moved three times in the last two years.

I have forgotten everything else I was going to write...we have a mini-vacation to Grandma's and the cabin planned! More on that when we return!

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