Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!!!

Strawberry Margharitas, BBQ beef kabobs with homemade teriyaki, fresh butter lettuce/spinach salad from our CSA box, brown rice and Goddess dressing on our deck after a beautiful day...sigh.
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Maya's Granny said...

I came to visit after you commented on my blog. Which of you is my Maya's Auntie Maya's sister? How wonderful to meet you.

I have always liked Maya and Melissa and their mother, Mary.

Fun Girls said...

The short non-hatted one on the left of our profile photo is me...and I am the great blog organizer for the two of us as well! Thanks for visiting! Its fun to be making our own web of connectedness!

I have met Julie a few times and think she is just wonderful!

J at said...

Hey Jen! It's Julie A.! My mom told me that you have a blog...what a small world, huh?Does Melissa know you link to Chloe's page?...she asked me to close that link on MY blog, because it had pictures of Jack and Sophie on it.

I love the look of your blog, and your house looks so lush and green. Not all dried out like California. ;)