Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Minor Changes, Major fun.

I am posting some new pics of our place in a web album, check them out if you want to see the current arrangement. We still have some of our photos to frame and hang, and shelves we would like to put up in the Lv. Rm, but its coming together! Our (ostentatious) TV/Movie screen arrived. You can see the 'Panoview' above our huge window. Cable into the TV tuner, plugged into the DVD player/projector all on the bottom shelf of our end table (to the right of the couch in this pic), pull the screen down, et Voila! Welcome to the Seattle branch of the Church of Monday Night Football...Sara's dream come true. I get foot rubs if I hang out and watch, and we bet on the game. I have won twice now (both exhibition games) and winning helps me enjoy it's win/win! The puppy (i.e. wool cable shag rug) is starting to shed less, but still gets a weekly brushing with a broom.

We have had visitors or been gone for 20 of the last 28 days...and are looking forward to more visitors soon! Hey, come for Monday night football! We have a place to watch it now!
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