Sunday, September 09, 2007

Alpine lakes

We managed to get out and go hiking today...a late start, perfect weather and a new place to explore. A LOT of kitchen remodel planning got done on the drive in.

There were a ton of mushrooms (of various kinds) as well as two kinds of huckleberries (Vaccinium deliciosum and membranaceum...we picked about 2-3 pounds of berries, stashing them in our empty beef jerky bag. I cannot wait for fresh huckleberries, yogurt and granola tomorrow!

We had a little snack at Mig lake, very serene and quiet. Lots of frogs around the lake too!

Fun girls!

On the way home we stopped in Sultan at the Sultan Bakery and had dinner which ended up being so much food, we were glad we had decided on cream puffs for appetizers, otherwise we may not have gotten to enjoy the baked goods! The rest of the photos are here! Enjoy!
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