Sunday, September 16, 2007

Church of the Monday Night Football...

We watch Monday night football.

Sara is a long time football fan (as a child, some games even got her out of CHURCH) and she is a former PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S FOOTBALL PLAYER! Until an injury during the championship game in Chicago resulted in a night in the ER made her rethink her 'career' (it was sort of a pay-to-play system)in football.

Just so I don't mislead anyone... I am not a huge football fan. But I am a fan of fun, social, sports watching and snacks. And I am a kick-A social planner...really, I may have missed a calling. I have organized our football viewing to include a Pool, an HRC Coming Out Day celebration, and Holiday-themed White Elephant exchanges. If I knew how to post the pdf of the spreadsheet I made to include all these activites, I would. I am that proud of it.

But I don't have time to figure it out right now...I have to jog into work. ;)

p.s. Want to get in on the pool? Let me know and I will forward your information to the Reverend Mother Sara "Tight end"


Sharon said...

I had friends who played for the Alabama Renegades. They are all retired now as well after multiple and varied injuries.

I'm not a football fan either though I used to love the party in the stands. Never really paid attention to what was going on on the field, except when they came running by in their uni's. Loved that!

Fun Girls said...

I have also been a big proponant of Cheerleaders for womens football. Cheerleaders make so many things better!