Thursday, October 18, 2007

Misc. Updates

1. While in PDX I caught up with a friend from grade school. We got back in touch after 22 years... ouch. It hurts to even say that. It was a complete blast to chat and see how much we were still the same girls we were and, at the same time, how much we have grown up!

2. Sara is brewing beer. I will have to post a picture of the t-shirts she is using to keep the carboys in the dark. We bottled the nut brown (delicious) and moved the stout to clean carboy (really really delicious) and with the price of hops and malt going up...we are feeling crafty AND thrifty!

3. Last weekend kicked off 6 consecutive weekends of visitors/travel...we are already tired just thinking about it.

4. Church of the Monday Night Football is going strong. Halftime communion Stout beer taste testing has Guinness on top, Shakespeare stout a hoppy second, and Murphys as a smooth third.
5. Our Coming out day CMNF party was a success, mostly because of the balloons, stickers and big gay flag...most everyone was already 'out' but I took the opportunity to come out as enjoying the TV show 'Rock of Love'...maybe I should have done that at a 12 step program...I am still dealing with the shame of reality TV love.

**Update: Sara won't let me post the photo of the naughty T-shirt she put over the keg while it fermented...suffice it to say that it makes me giggle.

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