Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Little Friend's (and his mommies) Visit

Last weekend Sara was at her Grammies...this was inconvenient for me because I was sick with a cold and she wasn't here to fetch things for me. I still recovered despite having to get my own juice and find the remote myself.

The previous weekend, we have friends visiting. The Adult Content of the visit can be read about Dr.BB's blog, as I posted earlier, the G version (the remaining 95% of the weekend will now be brought to you in a pictorial (sorry, there is no pictorial for the Adult Content).

We went to the Children's Museum! This is best racket for parents in Seattle (in my childless opinion) for a full membership its like $40 or so and there are hours and hours of fun to be had, its easy to get to on the bus, its indoors and there is plenty of room to run your wiggles out! I considered getting a membership for when we had friends with kids visiting...but that happens 1x/year...which isn't really a deal. But it was THAT great!

I drove this taxi bike! It didn't actually run, but when you pile two adults on a toy designed for small children, you can really get that thing shaking...just like we are zipping in and out of traffic. Alex navigated.

Alex and I took a little break and had some rubber sushi, there was quite a selection to choose from. I was glad it was rubber because I didn't feel like eating much after seeing how much ass overhang there was on the little chair I was sitting in.

Sara put on a costume (Does it look small to you? Do you think it was supposed to be for children??) and did an entire one woman show, complete with set changes...Lipstick worked the lights and sound effects, I brought tacos, corn and rice over from the 'restaurant' across the hall (this might have been a children's museum violation...but I wasn't caught. Besides there was a 4 year old who had done the same thing, so if I was going to get in trouble, she was going down with me) and Center Mid and Alex enjoyed the show! It was stunning...really, not entirely in a good way.

They also had a mock recording is the elusive CenterMid and her boy working the radio booth!

We were there for a few hours (2-3) before we completely wore the boy out and we hadn't even covered a third of fun stuff...clearly, Sara and I...I mean, ALEX needs to go back!

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