Sunday, November 04, 2007

Always fun... Always in demand!

We are pretty freakin' fun in fact, we have company or go visiting almost every weekend! Ok, it may just be because we are social and we now live in the 'City of Fun', but I like to attribute it to our charm and pleasant demeanor.

We just finished up a VERY fun, very social weekend at home!

My friend from Oregon came up to visit... we have been friends ever since I caught her copying my notes in a Zoology class our college sophomore year (17 years ago). There is a longer story there...maybe for another time, especially since I come off looking really sweet. ;)

Our friend from Philly (Dr.BB) came to visit...not us really, but she did take time to see us Friday, Saturday and Sunday which I think makes us pretty special. And Sunday she brought us cupcakes...she ate two of them!

I did a little stretching...not the physical kind, but the social kind. One of the dinner parties we went to was with DrBB, her special friend, her special friends roommates and her special friends friend...that is 4 people I didn't know. And being one to always do better with the one-on-one, small groups or situations that allow for anonymity I was surprised to to find myself enjoying it... overall. This is not enough positive reinforcement to make me gung-ho about the next party of strangers...however, it was a refreshing change.

I think we have plans for one more weekend of social activity.... it seems to be up in the air still, we may end up with a weekend home! Either way will be fun!


Pat said...

Damn!!! Those cupcakes look good!

Pat Grant
Plano, TX

Amanda said...

Oh, we are so alike. I almost skipped my first Church of the MNF appearance because I don't like meeting new people.

Jen said...

I always hate it when people tell me this, but....look how well it turned out!

Amanda said...

True! From now on we shall call it "Stalking: A Success Story"