Monday, December 17, 2007

Gay ol' CMNF

Neither of us worked at all this weekend...its the first weekend we have both been home not working together since September. It was amazing how LONG it was! We have a vacation coming up and it crossed my mind that we might not know what to do with an entire 4 days off together...yeah, right ;)

Sara wanted a Church of the Monday Night Football website, for the commandments and other here it is. There had to be a few criteria met:
1. Ladies only was clear
2. Gay ladies was clear

I did my best. I guess I could have put Rainbows AND Unicorns...but hopefully it won't come to that.

Our regularly schedule Church meeting is this evening, I made lasagna. I don't know what teams are playing, but I hope its someplace warm enough that the cheerleaders aren't in sweatpants.


Syd said...

You are SO going to hell.

But, we are gonna have so much fun!!

Jen said...

So true, Syd! We will fast-tracked, taking the zip-line to hell when the time comes... then the party starts!

Amanda said...

I will party with you in spirit! :)