Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grandma addendum.

My parents were hippies, I never got things like "sugar cereals" at home...but they had no jurisdiction at Grandma's house.

Lucky Charms at was pure bliss!

Until I was about 20 at which time realized that the horrible mid-morning feeling I had was a sugar hangover and it had been milk making my stomach cramp all these years. But the Lucky Charms kept coming...I would bring my soy milk, eat less and less, and have to take the box home with me. It was a burden from my youth at every visit.

The grandma indulgence continues, but I am extremely happy to report that I have now officially been transitioned on to BACON! Half of a package of (microwaved) bacon each morning.

I got a little smarter too, and left a french press there. So I don't have to drink that weak, aluminum pot perked coffee that was like chewing tinfoil (yes, I am a coffee snob). And she is now buying fruit for me too.

I am sure she never thought I would grow up! And I was sure she would never let me...

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