Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seattle Snow

When I was a wee girl in upstate NY, I remember city snow drifts taller than me. When we moved to Oregon in grade school, I thought we had moved to the NICEST STATE in the union because they closed school for a few inches of snow so we could PLAY IN IT! I thought they would probably make us go back to school when the snow got too icy, dirty and deep to enjoy...but, gosh HOW NICE!!!

Now I understand. PNWesterners cannot drive (or do anything )if it snows.

Hm. I take that back, they cannot drive in rain either, but I cannot come up with reasons to explain that one.

As for snow, we, as a community, are not equipped for it or practised at it. It is ridiculous and amusing how paralyzed this city becomes. Or is it?

For one or two days out of the year.... you find people taking walks to enjoy the snow. Hurrying home to be with loved ones. Taking a minute to look outside. We allow ourselves to experience weather, re-live wonderment and revel in anticipation of what will come next. (Even though we know it will rain.)

And, this year, it came on a weekend! Extremely convenient (unless you are trying to move)!


Syd said...

You should see how we drive in Mississippi, when the bridges ice over...MAYBE once a year. It's ridiculous.

Jen said...

at least its flat, right? Its just one big delta? ;)