Thursday, December 06, 2007

Something a little less somber...

Have I blogged about our X-mas tree yet? And how superior it makes us feel?
I don't care if I have already...

WE got a FAKE tree! Some of you probably had the fake ones growing up. Well, your trip down memory lanes cannot compare to our high and mighty take on our 'Green' tree! Let me just tell you how great, the tree is!

First: Its sturdy! Metal trunk wrapped in disguiging tree like stuff, with metal branches, attached in upside-down umbrella fashion. This creates considerable pomp when assembling as the branches flop down all at once into fake tree glory.

Two: Its pre-lit! (white, both sara and I, thankfully or there would have been a X-mas tree light smack down) Assemble, flop flop flop, fluff and plug it in. Done.

Three: Its a Noble knock-off...i.e. the definative X-mas tree.

Four: It was $50 from Craigslist (we are junkies). To Sara this was the cost of three 'normal' X-mas trees, to me this was less than the cost of one. ( you should see her Dec. 24th, back of the Boy Scout lot, flat on one side 'charlie brown' trees...thankfully, we have never actually had to purchase a real tree would have been ugly and I don't mean the tree)

Five, six and seven: No CO2 emissions on cutting, no fertilzers needed to grow it, less fossil fuels used in transporting it here etc.

Eight and nine: No water worries and no needle clean up.

Ten: By the time we are 70 it will have cost us just a little over a dollar a year for X-mas! And I am going to spend the extra $11 to $69 (depending on who you ask) we save each year on candy...probably mint M&Ms.

Superior Heck yeah! Most superior girls with their X-mas tree, yeah! (sing to the Team American theme song...make appropriate changes)


Lachlan said...

Go on with your bad selves! :)

Jen said...

We are so bad arse, we put the 'X' in X-mas!