Friday, January 04, 2008

Back from Vacation 2007

This is the longest we have been away since moving to Seattle! It was weird returning, neither of us have a strong sense of 'home' here yet, but also don't feel displaced...its a "home is where your heart is" type thing, I suppose.

We left before the holidays (my plans for a solo holiday completely thwarted) and visited many folks in the short 4 days we had in PDX...we divide and conquer on the Holidays, splitting up to maximize the time and attention with our families separately ...I don't think this will work forever, but for now, its fine. We reconvened on the 26th and headed over the mountain to the cabin in the tail end of snow storm. Chains on in a record 6 minutes, and off in 5 minutes...that includes slipping on and off our rain gear so we don't have get wet rolling around in the dirty snow. We rocked the pass!

Once we arrived.... Snow, snow, snow! It was great! We had to shovel our way in and our way out (after the plow blocked us in with a snow berm). Want to know how we spent our time? Sleeping in - until 7:30am some mornings, playing cribbage - usually over breakfast; reading magazines - we brought all our back issues of New Yorker/Cooks Illustrated/Int. Soc. Arboriculture/Money; hiking - in the snow and sun; playing scrabble - we are huge fans of the documentary Word Wars...Sara got bingos in four of the ten games we played...I had one; watching movies - Elephant man/House of flying daggers/A History of Pike Place Market/Hidalgo/"other" movies; visiting friends - local and those traveling through, and lots of "other" things.

There are some pictures posted here. We saved all our X-mas gifts to open while we were there too (for each other and from folks we weren't going to see) ...our own little X-mas. But mostly it was beautiful, relaxing, together-time. It was fun. Really, really fun.

I can't wait until the next time.


Syd said...

Stunning photographs!! I think I'll STFU now about how cold it is here, after seeing all that snow.

BTW, your snow angel "package" made me laugh.

Jen said...

It is impressive isn't it? Can you imagine what the one I didn't take hiking looks like?