Sunday, January 13, 2008

Adventure Seattle 2008!

What a fantastic weekend...

We started the weekend off with a date. Sara had been not having much fun with getting her new bike ready all week, and I had not been having much fun getting our OS we needed a fun date. We started fun off right by walking home together (I love love love to go for walks...walking opens my soul!) and on our way stopped by one of our local favorite bars for Happy hour (our fav because they have Deschutes Black Butte Porter on cask and we are beer snobs....however this doesn't mean we don't drink Bud, Miller or PBR...we just know the time and the place which is usually baseball season in a dive bar with hot wings). We made Happy hour nachos and jalapeno poppers our dinner, and headed over to the local gay bar for a big gay drink. The afterwork crowd is 98% good looking over 45 men (we are the 2% that are not gay, the bar probably doesn't even hold 100 people, so that would make sara and I closer to a whopping 4% of the gays there)...the after that crowd (8:30pm to close) we describe as 'misfits and bears'...well, misfits, bears and sometimes us. They have a kick-A trivia night we hope to have a Lesbi-sit-in night sometime soon and sweep big gay trivia! Then we walked the rest of the way home, talking.

Saturday was great too. We watched some football (Sorry Seahawks...Go Pats!), visited with friends, ORGANIZED (closets, paperwork, drawers, AND kitchen cupboards) and got the condo computer up and running after an OS reinstall!

I am so tickled about the organizing. If you haven't already guessed, our house is always pretty well picked up...because I am closet messy person. By that I, literally, my closets are messy. I am a stuffer, balancer, stacker and tucker....and then I close the door. However, every few months this system need re-organizing, re-arranging, thinning or modifying and will eventually lead me to a perfect system not needing stuffing, tucking, stacking or balancing. And we have come close to achieving this over the weekend....sigh. Organizational bliss. I am reveling in it.

To top it all off, we made it over to the Wilds of West Seattle this weekend! What fun! The bus that runs by our house goes all the way out there! We jumped off at the heart of the burg, stopped by the farmers market, had a terrific lunch at Elliott Bay Brewing Pub, watched a little of the Dallas/NY game, then grabbed a cupcake and walked our way to the water, along waterfront to the beachtown feel of Alki neighborhood, where we hopped back on a bus to downtown Seattle. I was struck by the strong sense of community...its almost an island community feel in West Seattle, very strong in its sense of place and in its deliberate pace.

When our investment plan finally pays out, we decided it would be nice to have a summer condo with a view of the city and water in West Seattle, while keeping our Metro Seattle condo for the remaining 9 months of PNW darkness.

It was such a good weekend that I am ready for the work week.

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