Friday, January 25, 2008

Office tour

Note: this work was done before 7am, therefore I am not responsible for its lack of actual work related content.

I have posted a picture of my lab coat before...although there are many coats on our hooks, can you tell which is mine?

Being the hipster that I am, I have a very cool chicken lamp and a nerd poster on my door.

These ladies were promos from a supplies rep...they are generally gay and keep me company on the computer. Sometimes they are naughty.

Necessary supplies, coffee thermos, water bottle, pens in an old centrifuge rotor, misc. assortment of post-it thinks and my ear clip.

La piece de resistance... my giant plastic ear given to me by my very special friend. I was so excited when she brought it into my office that she laughed at me.

So...what is in your office?

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Amanda said...

In my office (which is about 7 feet by 10 feet) are 7 neurotic grad students. I will have to take a picture sometime!