Thursday, January 17, 2008

I want this.

This is wonderfully brilliant and incredibly cool!

Description: This bracelet is not only artistic and beautiful, it contains a secret message.

Life is coded in the amino acids, which make up proteins. People have 20 different amino acids, each of which has been given a one-letter code as shorthand. So, you can make strings of amino acids that spell things! I've done just that, fashioning the amino acids' chemical shapes in sterling silver, so they can be used as an alphabet to spell words or names.

This bracelet spells "GEEK," for those of us who like to represent the home team. [G=glycine, E=glutamate, K=lysine]

Click on the pic (or here) for other items in her Etsy store...I am in love.


Syd said...

That *is* pretty genius.

You dork.

Zoe said...

You have made this geek delurk. That is super cool! I totally need one of those.

Jen said...

syd- yes, dorkiness is in my genes (hee)
Zoe- thanks for delurking and joining in the geeky fun!