Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grandma:1 --- Crabby Pool Man:0

Grandma takes water exercise. She has done this every weekday morning at the local Best Western pool (for $3 per week) for the past 7 years with the same group of 5 ladies. None of them can swim. They all stand in the shallow end, bobbing up and down with milk jug weights and water dumbbells, talking about husbands, the movies and where they want to go to lunch that week.

Recently, TWO men started coming to water exercise. No one knows how they heard about it, but these two men have become regulars. One of them is OK (says Grandma)... he keeps to himself and is just there to exercise.

The other man knows how to swim and does not adhere to the water exercise pecking order. Apparently, if any the water exercise ladies are in his way when he swims down to the shallow end of the pool, he just continues to swim into them until they finally move.

Being the caring granddaughter that I am, I offer to come to water exercise and set things straight.

Grandma: "Well, I told Wanda" (her water exercise buddy) "that the next time he swam by us, I was going to jump on his back and ride him like a whale to the other end of the pool." (they had recently seen 'Whale Rider') ".... and if he didn't go where I wanted him to go... I would just reach down and grab his 'guiding stick' and point him wherever I wanted to go." (she is now laughing hysterically at her own joke)

Sara (looks at me and says): "I see you come by it naturally"
Me: "What? Being crude or laughing at my own jokes?"
Sara: "Both"

That man better look out, because if Grandma can't catch him to ride him, she will nail him with her wit!


Syd said...

Oh, man. Your grandma is priceless.

sageweb said...

Hey cute site...cute grandma. I saw you on Syd's thought I would come take a look. I am going to browse.

Jen said...

Welcome Sageweb! Glad to have you visit! Enjoy your browsing...we mostly use this site to keep up with the fam and talk about the fun!

Lachlan said...

Your grandma kicks ass. I want to know how this issue with the pool idiot plays out.

Jen said...

I am fairly sure there is an active campaign of gossiping going on...that will possibly lead to cold shouldering....we will see what follows that! ;)