Sunday, February 10, 2008


We went sailing today.

The back story is that Sara is well on her way towards her goal of being able and ready to sail the "big boats" (keelboats) by summer. [I am in awe of how she sets and follows a long term agenda] She finished the class a few weeks ago, and today (Sunday) we went out for practice. Below is a map of where we sailed:
We intended to simply motor out of the bay, head across the lake, have lunch and return to the dock. As you can see from the map... where we turned around differs vastly from our destination ...there are a few reasons for this. The main one being that it was windy.

Windy enough that neither of us felt like we wanted to (read: could safely) raise the sails in that much wind. And windy enough to be pushing the boat sideways without our sails up.

...and by 'sideways', I mean when we slowed down to practice docking, we were blown into shallow water and got the keel stuck in the lake bottom.

And by 'sideways', I also mean that when we slowed down to really dock, we were blown into shallow water and got the keel stuck in the lake bottom...but this time for nearly an hour. The rescue boat that pulled us out the first time was fetching some other person who had capsized while going much faster in a much smaller boat.

So, while the majority of our time on the boat was spent motoring around the bay and laying a plan for docking and the remainder was spent stuck in mud while trying to dock, we still felt like the experience was worth it. We are more prepared for the next time.

And being stuck in a boat, with a cabin, with someone as fun as Sara, can really be quite enjoyable. And it was just nice to be out...especially ater having been sick all week.

And while we were out, nature was out too.

A Great Blue Heron eyed us suspiciously from 15 feet away, the entire time we were stuck in the mud. A pair of Bald Eagles were hanging out in a tree just on the other side of the bay, and there was a flotilla of Coots, bobbing around the bay. There are some pictures of our day.

I interviewed Sara about our excursion...unfortunately, her camera doesn't have video sound, but here is the clip and the text anyway because it was so funny!

Jen: Sara, What are you thoughts about our sailing trip today?
Sara: Well, if its true you learn the most when you learn from your mistakes...then I learned a lot today.


Syd said...

Quite impressive.

I would be terrified. Water activities scare me a little.

Jen said...

Being stuck in the mud isn't scary at all! You should come 'sailing' with US sometime!

Lachlan said...

I'll come sailing with you!! I'm not scared at all and I have a wicked life-jacket.

Do you two have a boat or did you rent one?

Jen said...

we rent from the UofW sailing club for super cheap...because we are super cheap (about some things). We need to get ourselves wicked life jackets too!

Lachlan said...

Cool! We got my super-cool life jacket at Love it. Can't wait to hear more about sailing adventures!