Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 25th is DNA Day

Following close on the heels of other under appreciated professionals, DNA Day is a day to share the geek love with your favorite scientist. I really think the NIH did not get excited enough about this day...there are not near enough geeky activities. So, I am fishing out a few of my favorite science linky love to entertain you.

Info on the Human Genome Project

Nova's Cracking the Code of Life (LIFE, people! Life. How cool is that?)

Reminder about one the unsung heroes of the Helix

My favorite patriarchs in the field, not just for the elegant simplicity of the experiment, but because during his postdoc Frank Stahl used to buy a bottle of gin, sit under a tree on the campus lawn, drinking a gin and tonic while selling gin and tonics for enough money to buy another bottle of gin (as told by Meselson, 2002). Illustrating that real genius spills into everything you do...

A shout out to one of the fields true crazies, who revolutionized being a gene jockey.

And a link here to see a creative video that does a good job of incorporating what we know about protein structure and function into cellular processes (but still makes a cell look like a bag of jello, which I take issue with...but, I will save that for another post)

So if you have ever taken vitamins, pain killers, medication of any kind, had a broken bone fixed, had surgery of any kind, vaccinated your children, vaccinated your pets, survived an illness or disease etc....then thank a research scientist on April 25th and thank your DNA you are here to do it!


Syd said...

The gin and tonic story is awesome.

weese said...

popping my vitamin and thanking a scientist now.