Monday, May 12, 2008

Auntie Saras First Visit

I picked up Sara from the Airport on Thursday from her first visit to Colorado to visit the new niece. Sara's mom was there too. Sara and her sister 'Tweezer' took Grandma out to high tea for mothers days. All the ladies were dolled up in dresses, hats and feather boas...yes, there are pictures of the entire trip here! They hiked, relaxed in the hot springs, drank some beer, shopped and caught up.

Sara was an outstanding auntie from what I heard...besides making ridiculous noises and crazy faces to keep the wee one entertained, every time the baby cried, Sara would say "You're being such a baby, Jeez!" She said she had a fantastic time!

After I picked up Sara we headed straight to our Big Gay Beach Weekend (a.k.a. VM's Big Gay Beach weekend) which will be blogged about soon....or soonish.


Syd said...

That picture is so freaking CUTE!!!!

weese said...

the sunglasses on that kid are the cutest.
we took my mom out for 'tea' for mothers day as well.
hmm, we did not wear hats and party dresses tho.

Jen said...

I believe the hats and party dresses just make you feel silly...I can't be sure though, I didn't participate!

Ain't that kid cute?