Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baseball! Baseba...meh.

We went to a Mariners game last night with a friend (it was supposed to be 'friends' but one of our friendly duo needed to be with her family this week...think good thoughts for them during a free moment).

It was a blast! We headed down on the bus (no struggle with traffic) and started out by enjoying a beer at the Pyramid Beer tent across the street using the beer pogs that Sara has saved since last year.

Right about when the first pitch was being thrown, we made our way into the stadium and the sun was shining. Yes. IN SEATTLE!!! That was probably my favorite part of the game...well, that and the very witty comment I kept repeating over and over, as loudly as I could muster...

"Ok, Mariners...its TIME TO GO FISHING!" Ha ha ha!

They were playing the Marlins...get it?

Marlins are a kind of fish....Ha ha! "Time to go fishing"! Ha ha Ha!

Yeah, your response is pretty much how everyone else felt about it didn't catch on like I thought it would.

We had gotten promotion tickets: The Grand Slam Family Pack Day. Which touts itself as "The best deal in baseball!" and includes four tickets, four hot dogs and four soft drinks for one low price.

And that, my friends is what baseball is about. Dogs, sunshine, beer, friends, oh...and garlic fries. Which led to some very funny stuff about a super hero persona whose power is garlic breath ...but seeing how the fishing joke went over, I am not going to go into it.

Pics posted so you can relive the moments with us....

Oh, right....the actual game. We left at the 7th inning...but they lost anyway.


Emphatik said...

Sorry I couldn't make the foursome last night, hehe. Sounds like you guys had fun, well at least until the sun went down.
Lurker no more am I.

Syd said...

Looks like tons of fun. But, what's with the hats and jackets? It's June!

Jen said...

McYou-Welcome to light. I am looking forward to our next date.

Syd - Don't get me started about the cold weather. We have been calling it June-uary here....and its cramping my style.

eb said...

Good thoughts to your friendly duo...