Thursday, June 12, 2008

Freshly waxed and soaking up some sun...

...with nothing on but her rack.
The little red wagon.

Our car is 20 years old year, I believe, it will be legal to drink and drive... since the car will also be over 21.

The little red wagon came with 112K and now has +285K. Our most recent gas mileage was 37 hwy/32 town. And in this time of $4+/gallon I am going to share some saving gas anecdotes.

1. Our friend commutes 45 miles each way to work. By reducing her speed to 50-55 mph, coasting to stops early (and possibly avoiding having to stop at all), she now gets 5 full days from a tank of gas when she was only getting 3.5 days before. HUGE savings.

2. Sara got better Hwy miles from the little red wagon than I did. So, I reluctantly performed the "Driving 70-75 mph vs Driving 60-65 mph" experiment and increased the mpg on my trips from 32 to 37 (N=2 for both conditions). This both pleased and irritated me.

3. I get pretty good gas mileage in town (and it has been improving) by coasting down all hills, avoiding first gear whenever I can and coasting to stops. I have not been able to break the bad habit of punching it off the line...but I no longer rev the engine at drivers beside me. Baby steps.

And there are the other things that are just a matter of planning. If we do drive for any reason, we try to get at least 3 or 4 errands done at once. Bus, walk, carpool, sailboat etc. are all good car alternatives...if you live in the right area.

Sara said there was a piece on NPR about gas saving things and the one that made the most difference was the one that changed your driving habits. I think this is the link...but I'm not sure it was too long to listen to....


Nick said...

"This both pleased and irritated me."

Funny, that's just what Mom said when she got her cholesterol down by avoiding dairy.

Syd said...

That rocks that you've kept the old girl going for that long.

Around here, you'll get your ass run OVER for driving 55-60.

SassyFemme said...

I can't believe your car is still going. Just wow.

All of my driving is city (town) driving, but Fran cut down her highway speed to 60-65 and is getting better mileage.

Jen said...

Bra - Chalk one up to 'nurture'!

Syd - Sara would never survive in your neck of the woods. She sets cruise so she doesn't go more than 20 mph BELOW the limit!

SF - I wish optimal driving speed was a about 85...then again, the little red wagon doesn't go that fast anymore anyway!

weese said...

yup yup... 55 is the way to go.
Just let someone TRY to run my ass over.