Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I have a meeting in New Hampshire at the end of June...and Sara will be flying to meet me in Boston on the 4th of July for a little East Coast vacay! Sara has never visited the USofA east of Minnesota, and I haven't been to NYC for anything other than a layover since I was this trip is all kinds of exciting!

We will be driving from Boston to Bangor to visit friends in Northern and Midcoast Maine and then hopping the train from Boston to NYC for a few days with my first cousin once removed and a chance to tour The City. There will be three days of city living... we are staying on the upper west side and are planning to get around by mass transit. The must-dos on our list so far are: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, Central park people watching, WTC site, Times Square at night...

Ideas? Suggestions? Tips? What do you people have for me? Give it up! Tell me your NYC travel secrets...

*shout out to DrBB for the title of the post.


SassyFemme said...

I don't really know that much about NYC, but I do know the last time we were there we found that the city buses don't take paper money, only change.

On your drive from Boston to Bangor, if you have the time, get off the highway in Hampton, NH and follow Route 1A (not 1, except for the stretch you have to take through Portsmouth, NH across the bridge into Maine) up the coast to Maine. It's an absolute LOVELY drive, one of my favorites anywhere.

In York Maine look for the Cape Neddic "Nubble" Lighthouse. It's a very picturesque area. The little restaurant there is really good, too.

Too bad you're not coming through CT, we could have met up!

weese said...

Rats.. you're going to just miss THE parade!
Its on the 29th.
Head down to Greenwich village if you can.
Do you do museums? There are several of note in the city.
Little Italy for a nice cannoli on a warm summer evening.

Jen said...

sf- Thanks for the tips! I wish we could make through CT for meet up, that would be fun!

weese - I am missing gayness in the PNW as well and I love the gays. Hmmmm...cannoli....

eb said...

Since you are staying on the upper west side, I'd say check out the Museum of Natural History, Strawberry Fields and the Dakota. Walk down to Trump Tower and around to Central Park South. If you're there on a Saturday there will be artists out selling stuff. You can then walk down to Rock Center and see all that stuff.

Like Weese says, head down to where the gays are - The Village and Soho. We always eat Sunday brunch at Zoe on Broadway at Prince. Yum!

I know it's a cheesy, tourist thing to do, but the top of the Empire State Building is really quite awesome.

For something different take the tram to Roosevelt Island for another view of the city.

If you go to Little Italy for your cannoli, you will be on the cusp of Soho and Chinatown. Walk down to Canal St. to see all the cheesy crap. 21 Mott St. is a good hole in the wall Chinese restaurant.

Here is a travel log I did a few years ago about one visit:

click on the cover and follow the incredibly witty links.

eb said... would be so awesome if you ended up in the Cash Cab!

Jen said...

eb- Thanks for the travel-log and the tips! The idea of cash cab makes my throat close a little...but Sara would love it!