Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Girls weekend

I have three people in my life (in addition to Ms. Sara) who are beyond friends or family, they are established in my heart...part of who I am. One reason I have stayed so close with each of them is that they also prioritize finding time for us to hang out together, one on one, despite how complicated and crazy life gets. Sometimes we live in the same city and it can be once a month or more...but as our lives have evolved, our time together has changed ...to weekend get-aways or visits.

Last weekend I met L in PDX to head out for Girls Weekend. We ate at fantastic BBQ place on Russel St. that I highly recommend! And then made our way to a rental place on Long Beach run by friends L met in Corvallis, Shakti Cove Cottages. It was a delightful place, close to the beach.
We walked, shopped, read trashy magazines, watched movies (The Bird Cage, Zoolander and Predator...three of my favorites), read actual books, L did some cross-stitching, I did some cooking and picture taking, we snacked, napped and just generally relaxed and reconnected.

Times like this, when I get a chance to touch base with my foundation, makes me feel rock solid!

And when I got home? The house was clean, dinner was made, the shopping had been done, beer had been brewed, the closets re-organized, new flowers planted on the deck and I had been missed. I wouldn't have hoped for as much.


sageweb said...

Great photos by the way, quite artistic. Oh I can only dream of coming home from a trip one day and having a clean house and someone that misses me...that doesnt have 4 legs.

sageweb said...

Oh and next time you drive to portland, stop in Centralia at exit 81 there is an drive-up espresso shack, Cuppa Joe's...excellent coffee. My nieces and nephews own it. That is my hot tip for the day.

Lachlan said...

Shakti is one of my favorite places, Bayou and I have been going there for years.

Jen said...

SWeb-The 4-legged missing you certainly counts! Cuppa Joe in Centralia, got it...that is usually our gas stop anyway!

Lach-Shatki was a treat, I can't wait to go back with Sara!

Lachlan said...

It rocks- we love that place. We go usually 2x a year, and Sumi thinks the beach is the best EVER. :)

shakti cove said...

I have visited this place last year.this is a very good post and picture is very beautiful which shows calmness..