Saturday, June 21, 2008

Speaking of fun....

...We had a date last night. An impromptu progressive dinner.

We had discovered a new cluster of businesses on our way home from the Good Will the other day and decided to walk over and check it out.

Our first stop was Tigertail. We sat at the bar, played some cribbage and sampled their special tap which was a lemongrass beer (it was much fruitier than Sara's Ginger Lemongrass homebrew) and had some edamame/nut appetizer snacks.

Then we made our way over to Sam's Sushi Bar for couple of their special, good and cheap. Delicious and full of gays!

After that we wandered over to Cupcake Royale and shared a red velvet cupcake.

We then hopped a bus home and watched one of my favorite movies.

It was just fun. Talking, sharing, laughing, walking, sunshine...a very nice way to end a pretty stressful week.


sara said...

Can you just hear the birds flittering above our heads?

(snicker) (:

Nick said...

Not to be a syntax snob, but "delicious and full of gays" makes it sound like either you licked the bar or ate cannibal sushi. Just sayin'.

SassyFemme said...

That does sound like fun... well if the sushi were replaced by some other type of food, but the idea of it is wonderful.

Jen said...

Sara - Alright...the post totally ended on the cheesy side. I get it.

Bra - You ARE a syntax snob...thank god someone in the family is...

SF - We enjoyed cooked rolls at that restaurant, Sara is not a fan of raw.