Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fairies on the Ferry

We took the Bainbridge Island ferry home from a day out.

We, being the hearty sailors we are, had attended an Olympic Yacht Club gathering. We have been stalking this group online for a few months... intending to go to a function, meet a few other boating gays and possibly make some mentorish-type friends for basic boat know-how and assistance going through the Ballard locks.

Let me just take a minute to explain something. Attending events such as these are the basis of my nightmares. When we arrived I tried the long unused technique of holding very, very still, hoping maybe Sara would just go in without me, not noticing I was in the car. After a few minutes it was clear it hadn't worked when she said "Jennifer. I can still see you."

At least years of living has provided me an arsenal of tricks for getting through these types of two 'tried and true' tools are humor and staring at my shoes while mumbling. Walking away abruptly and finding a corner to stand in is a close third. Thankfully, I am not afraid to be a little crass, the fairies love a crass dyke. Dykes love a crass dyke too, but sometimes that kind of love results in tactical maneuver number three, so I try to use discretion.

All in all, we met a lot of very nice, easy-going, fun boaters who were welcoming and open. We are looking forward to developing some boating friends and learning the up and downs of boating in the city!


Syd said...

For the life of me, I can't imagine you being uncomfortable in any social situation.

SassyFemme said...

Going to an event where I know no one, or next to no one, scares the crap out of me. Despite how social I am around people I know, put me in a room of people I don't know and I just want to be invisible.

Jen said...

Syd-Hopefully you will never have to see me around a big group of strangers so you can continue to think that about me ;)

sf- We setgoals...Saras goal is to meet 3 new people. My goal is to not talk to anyone I don't know already (but if I share that goal with sara she makes me change it)

sageweb said...

I don't like going places by myself too much. I usually travel with two gays and a drag one really notices me so I can just enjoy everyone else. I am pretty crass to...or maybe just an ass..whatever.

Jen said...

sw-a posse of fairies and queens is an excellent idea! I applaud you!