Thursday, June 26, 2008


Its not what you sister and her bf are biking cross country. They have been at it for 4 days now and are keeping a bloggy record of their progress (link in the sidebar too). So stop by their site if you get a chance...and live vicariously through the young!

My dad saw them is a video them them leaving...was that Dad's voice cracking?


sageweb said...

Do they know there is a bunch of flights everyday that will get them to the east coast? Seems like it would be a lot easier. Just sayin

Syd said...

Sage, maybe they have some bags that they would like to arrive as well.

That said...are they NUTS?

And speaking of nuts, I hope he has a padded seat. Or something.

Meaner Dog said...

Now that is dang right impressive!! I wish them safety and success. How long will it take?

Jen said...

Sage...its a good point. I should have told them.

Syd - Well, a padded seat OR no plans to reproduce.

MDog - Hm.. I didn't ask that. Now I am curious.

SassyFemme said...

I have a hard enough time w/my butt hurting on a 10 mile ride, I can't even begin to imagine cross country.