Friday, July 11, 2008

And we're back!

We had a fantastic trip! Below is the short version and a link to the web album with the 'memory' photos (the non-photo contest photos).

Sunday: Hopped in the rental car early with Jam in hand from J and D, they were superior hostesses and we can't wait to return the favor! Stopped for some local fare on our way from Maine to Boston to drop off the rental car. We came into Boston and avoided the $3.50 tunnel toll and the rental place paid for all our gas to compensate for the inconvenience of the *flat. That saved us $80.00.

*(had I mentioned we got a flat while driving up on Friday? I changed it, I am faster at it... Sara's job was to shield me from the sun with her body while she stood around and watched.)

We then took the rental car shuttle back to the airport and hopped the bus to the train station, where we took the Amtrak into NYC!

When we arrived, there was some travel-induced confusion about which apartment we should be trying to get into and how to use the key correctly. We managed and once in, we went out to pick up some dinner and breakfast.

Monday Agenda:

1. Late start, sleeping in, eating in and reading the guide book.
2. Chelsea/Greenwich Village/Christopher street - Gay history, hanging out and reading on the pier with the sun bathers and checking out the local ladies bars.
3. Dinner with cousin Jim and drinks after at Cafe Des Artistes.
4. Shopping for breakfast fare on the way home.

Tuesday Agenda:

1. Even later start, sleeping in, eating in and posting pictures.
2. Subway to Brooklyn and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
3. Downtown: WTC memorial, Irish Hunger Memorial, along the water in Battery Park to the Staten Island Ferry and back
4. Freshen up and head out to check out the night life
5. Got lost on the subway trying to get home....don't drink and subway.
6. Pick up breakfast food on the way home

Wednesday Agenda:

1. Normal start!
2. Zabars for picnic lunch food
3. NYC Botanical Gardens (Bronx) by Subway. Free admission from 10-12 on Wednesday.
4. Decide its too hot for a Yankees game. Commuter train to Grand Central Terminal, the Downtown Library and Times Square
5. Pick up tickets to see Spring Awakening
6. Grab prepared food at the market for dinner.
7. Broadway Musical!
8. Cheesy touristy crap in Times square...because it was open at midnight.

Thursday Agenda:

1. Breakfast with Jim
2. Central park
3. Metropolitan Museum of Art (wow, wow, wow)
4. Zabars for gifts and plane snacks
5. Greys Papaya... "Two with everything and a papaya" = $3.50
6. Subway to JFK (with only modest subway confusion)
7. Direct flight
8. Bus home.

Whew. Like I said, the pics are here. It was a fan-freakin-tastic trip.


Syd said...

I looked at all of your pics. Very, very nice. Now, I'm dying to go.

SassyFemme said...

Great pictures! I'm jealous... I only live three hours from NYC but you've seen far more of it than I have!

sageweb said...

great pictures! The trip sounds great!

Maya said...

Finally got a g-mail account so I can respond to your posts. No, I didn't change my name, but my actual full name wasn't available on google, who knew? Anyway, LOVED seeing your photos and hearing about your trip - thanks for posting, fun girls!

Jen said...

Syd - I going to save my pennies to do a total food tour next time!

sf - Its so true about living so close to someplace that you don't go just to be a tourist! You should totally daytrip sometime!

sw - Wait until we get to posting the 'jenn and Sara photo contest' pics. They are oh-so-artsy!

Maya - WELCOME to the comment world on Chez Fun Girls! We plan to visit YOU soon too!

Monica said...

Okay, if I leave a comment, will you come visit me too??!!