Monday, July 28, 2008

And the winner is.....

Its high time I rewarded your diligent voting with final results. Who won? The question flickers in the back of your mind, despite every effort to pretend you don't care. Patience, my friends, the answer lies within.....uh, within this post, I mean.

Category One: Nature in the City - Jen
Category Two: Classic NYC - Jen

At this point, I started to worry....I don't seriously compete with my friends. Mock competition about things of little importance... that's ok. But what if Sara really wanted to win? What if she was hurt or upset that she didn't win? I didn't want a win to come with a cost like that. So I asked her about it.

And like always, she knew exactly what to say to make me feel better.

Sara: "It doesn't matter if I lose, because I know if I really wanted to win, I could. If I lose, it was just because I wasn't trying. Feel better about winning now?"

Me: "Bull.shit. You are so full of crap, this game is ON!" (Her honest intent is to just be cocky enough to keep me interested in soundly beating her. That girl loves a little competition.)

Category Three: Oooooohh, Nature - Jen (she emerges victorious*! Woot!)
Category Four: Artsy Fartsy - Sara (whatever, does it really matter now?)

So there you have it, folks! The end of the debate about whom in the Fun Girls household has the better eye... least until the next trip.

(*I did do some looking at the numbers of total votes per contestant over all the categories and briefly looked at trends or possible biases in new vs. returning voters... and yes, the final results still stands.)


Meaner Dog said...

Congrats!!! Keep taking all the cool pix!!

Syd said...

That was fun. And you both take good photos.

Jen said...

And as Sara keeps pointing out, she has the more artistic eye...

(eye roll)

Maya said...

I agree that was fun, and all photos submitted were great. Can't wait for your next trip for another photo contest. How dorky am I? : )

sageweb said...

Oh congrats to Jen for the win...and to Sara for the artsy eye! That was real fun to do...not complicated and I followed all instructions without breaking any rules.

Nick said...

Can we please get a graph of the results? And some sensitivity analysis? 'K, thanks.