Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mini Vacay on the Oly Penn

The last time we ventured to the Olympic Peninsula, we left from work at 2:30 and arrived at our destination FIVE hours later for a late start to backpacking. This time we left work at 4:30 and arrived at our destination (just 10 miles shy of the previous trip) at 7:30pm AND that included a trip to the grocery along the way!

How did we do it? Mass transit. We are (slowly) learning not to fight the Friday evening traffic by avoiding driving all together. We hopped a bus from campus that took us directly to the ferry terminal, walked on, drank a beer, arrived at the other side where Momica was waiting to pick us up.

After a rainy week of family vacation, I think they were as happy to new faces as we were to spend a few days away. It was a quick visit though!

Friday: Dinner and catching up.
Saturday: The dock, shopping in Port Townsend, playing on the beach at Fort Worden and movie night

Sunday: Ferry, Bus, Home....we actually were home in 2.5 hours!

Nydney wore. us. out. Despite Sara's best effort to wear her out with a lot of running through the dunes.

I just cannot believe she is 5! I was in the room when Nydney was born...alternately trying to count while Momica was pushing and trying not to cry. I didn't do either very well... as a result, I am the family counting joke now. So far, I still count better than Nydney, but that will probably only be true for another couple weeks until school starts.

Anyway, it was a lovely weekend, with LOTS of pictures...funny, I only got one of the top of Momica's head and none of the

And we had time enough when we got home today to spend some time just hanging out. I made some corn fritters and brownies for lunch, we made and froze some pesto and had a delicious homemade pizza for dinner.

Served with some homebrew and movie, the perfect end to a fun weekend!


Catie said...

Sounds like a dreamy weekend. Gorgeous pizza. Public transportation is the coolest!

eb said...

Ok, you two are having so much fun. It's true and I believe it.

SassyFemme said...

What eb said!

Is that potato or mushroom on your pizza? I keep looking at it but can't figure it out.

Jen said...

Catie - Isn't it just great! we were pretty tickled by our Mass transit voyaging!
eb - We are a wee bit tired from all the fun lately...this coming weekend we will just be home. But there is some revelry planned for during the week.
Sassy - Thinly sliced potatos. Sliced, and blanched in water with a little oil, salt, pepper and garlic before we put it on the pizza! It was delish!

LostInCO said...

That pizza does look delish! I could go for a piece for breakfast. What a wonderful weekend!

sageweb said...

Oh Pizza is my favorite! My bestest friend from my youth lives in Port Townsend. Anyhoot, sounds like you had a great time.

chapin said...

I love that part of the world. Looks/Sounds like a great time to me. Keep up the fun and thanks for sharing.

greymatters said...

I am deeply envious -- comparatively speaking -- on the public trans option. I keep hoping my sprawled city devotes more attention and resources to ANYTHING that doesn't promote more concrete, more cars, and more suburban dreck.


That pizza looks divine. I'm not a big pizza fan, but I have discovered the joys of ... errr ... rolling (and making) your own.