Friday, August 08, 2008


We got a vacuum sealer this weekend, yes, at the Goodwill. We have been toying with the idea of getting one for ages, for freezing, marinating, prepping backpacking foods etc, but, lets face it....we are cheap.So when a practically new, yet a bit older model showed up at the Goodwill....well, it was fate.

I have been putting it to good use.

The manual says its important to label things that you store. I am good at following rules.

Sara didn't know you had to take the plastic off first...

....good thing I was around, she would have never gotten her toothbrush out of storage! (Then again it would have never but put into storage if I hadn't been around.)

And we on our way out into the wilderness again this weekend, with three delightful friends, and just in time for the meteor shower while away from the city lights. Hm. 30% chance of rain...I bet we won't bother with the rain-fly, it will interfere with meteor viewing...

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Meaner Dog said...

So how long will the toothbrush stay fresh in the freezer? :)

weese said...

hmm almost makes me want to camp.
...nah... not really.
but i would be vacuum sealing EVERYthing just for fun.

Nick said...

Ha! Be careful you two, I don't want to see this get to far out of hand. Did you see the Office episode with the line "Michael, tell Jim to stop putting my stuff in jello!"

Ashley says she might be willing to go backpacking if she could be sealed in plastic to protect her from the bugs and dirt.

I didn't realize it was time for the (Perseids?) meteor shower, so I am know even more totally psyched for my (and your) trips. So is Otto.

SassyFemme said...

Have fun you goofy girls! :)

sageweb said...

Oh I wish you a happy camper trip. Why does one have to seal a toothbrush?

Jen said...

md-I believe it will stay fresh for 4-6 months when properly sealed.

weese - I am bummed the plastic for the bags is expensive-ish. It hinders my antics.

Bra - See above re: out of handness. Did you see the meteors? How was Sir Otto? p.s. don't vacuum seal your wife.

sf - Hee hee, thanks!

sage - sealing is only for practicality and antics. Toothbrushes fall into the latter category.