Monday, September 01, 2008

Bike. Jog? Walk.

We (finally) got around to going for a bike ride this weekend. And while Seattle is a hilly adventure in many ways, it also has this: the Burke-Gilman Trail. A Rails to Trails project that resulted in a paved, flat, 15 mile bike trail that runs generally from our neighborhood, past our work and around Lake Washington...and although I don't think an easy work commute for us was the original intent of the trail, it is a delightful feature.

The B-G trail also makes for a easy ride to the arboretum. We walked the bikes down the hill to the trail (you have to see the hill to understand that riding down it would require having a death-wish) and headed out the arboretum to jog along the Waterfront trail.

This area is fun to explore. Wildlife we saw included turtles, ducks, Bald Eagles, bees, fish, cormorants, and a bunch of other birds. It sits right across the bay that we spend most of our time sailing on, and it turns out, jogging isn't allows on the trails there...shucks.

So, we snuck in a short jog of minimal effort and then just wandered around the trails and took some pictures. It was a beautiful day.

My folks come up tomorrow for a day, then Sara folks on Friday for the weekend. We will update soon with our familial adventures! Hope you all had a terrific Labor Day weekend too!


SassyFemme said...

We love rails to trails. We did our first ride on the regular roads today, instead of r2t. I didn't enjoy it nearly as

LostInCO said...

What a nice sounding ride. I nearly drowned in Lake Washington oh so many years ago.

frank said...

Seattle and Portland have paid attention to livability within the city limits. Very nice photos.

Jen said...

SF - Seattle is fairly bike friendly so we have a lot of bike lanes were the trails don't go, which is nice.

Lost - Hm. I guess we won't offer to take you sailing sometime then...might cause PTSD for you!

Pop - Ain't it grand?

sageweb said...

SPeaking of Seattle and Portland..since you girls are riding about we do the STP next year?

LostInCO said...

Really?? You would take me sailing?? You do know that my family lives up there in WA? I just might take you up on that offer. I took swimming lessons last year, and I think I am good, I would wear a life jacket, right?

Jen said...

sw - Ok, with just a little change. How about we ride to the STP start line to wave as you pedal off on your way to PDX... that might be more my style. Sara may have done it once...I will ask.

Lost - Our blogger meet-up policy requires a pre-visit axe-murderer screening at a local bar or coffee shop, then we talk sailing!
...unless I see you on a city bus (long story) and/or you are around for football season.

greymatters said...

What a great urban ride!