Monday, September 15, 2008

A break - Getting outside.

We met up with friends near White Pass and headed out into the wilderness for the weekend... I needed a break, the timing was right!
Starting out strong on the trail, L, M and Sara...

It was a loop hike, our first night was at Deer Lake, we had a fabulous campsite with last evening light and first morning light... it was a little breezy, but M and I fashioned a wind screen out of rock for the fire and chinked it with moss.... oh-so resourceful!

Sara and L fished until the sun set, each landing one Rainbow trout, from the stories they told, other LARGER fish were hooked, but got away...Hm, riiiiiiiiight. L had a little trouble finding the right way to get back to shore after wading into the lake and ended up waist high in shallow lake muck feeling around for a lost shoe. Neither of these girls had caught a fish in a while... so watching them run around and shriek while trying to figure out the best way to kill it was comedic to say the least. We poached it some "backpacking wine**" and rosemary and it was delish!

Our next night was at Cramer Lake... where there were not as a many private camp sites as I had hoped, but we found a site, and then in a flurry relocated to the perfect Penthouse suite of sites after other campers abandoned it! The perfect fire pit, comfortable logs around it and we were all back in camp to enjoy sharing grub around the fire after some rest and fishing (our fisherpeople were sort of relieved not to have caught anything)!

Our hike out was beautiful, uneventful and easy... the company had been fun, and easy and it was definitely a trip I would do again. Fall camping at its best! The rest of the photos are here.

**Yes, this is wine in a light collapsible recyclable container...they may not have made it specifically for backpacking, but once you have poached some fresh trout in it, you won't think it was made for any other reason!
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Amanda said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Syd said...

Oh God, Rainbow trout sounds divine.

I've tried that "backpacking wine". It's pretty damn good, IMO.

LostInCO said...

Sounds like a blast! If I caught a fish, I would not even know what to do with it.

frank said...

What a nice life.

weese said...

you make rugged look so civilized.

Jen said...

aMANda - makes you wish you never left, doesn't it?
Syd - I was pretty wasn't hard to finish the box.
lic - Those girls wouldn't have been much help to you...the way they were carrying on!
Pop - Ain't it so!
weese - I think it was the hiking skort I was sporting dressed up backpacking a bit.

sageweb said...

Wow that looks fantastic..I have been to all those places so it is even nicer to see your pics. We use to camp up there when I was younger. I also use to ski White Pass every saturday during Ski season...I love it up there.

SassyFemme said...

The fish picture kind of grossed me out, but the rest are wonderful! How cold was the night? You guys look pretty bundled up.

Maya said...

Fun! Not quite like our car camping with two kids under the age of four last weekend. But we do what we can. Chloe says she LOVES camping, so we get them used to the experience, so you guys can take them backpacking when they are old enough. : )