Friday, October 31, 2008

Not so much fun least lately. I overheard Sara tell her folks yesterday, that we haven't been doing anything fun for the last couple of months. This is mostly true and mostly my fault.

I have had one deadline after another lately, grants, papers, talks etc.

Well, it all ends the day before Turkey day. Done with the final Grant (early to enjoy the fun that will follow) we will have a weeks vacation in Bend after Turkey Day with our families.

So, yes, our usual big fun has been on hold...but don't worry, we have been having a lot of little fun when we can. Our priorities are still in the right place.

And we have BIG news...that will have to wait a little longer to be revealed!


weese said... no can't do that.
you know I have no patience.
at all.

sageweb said...

oh come on...tell us...we won't say a word.

Nick said...

You're pregnant!

Jen said...

Oh Brah, You should know by now...Sara and I won't have our own kids so that we can still love everyone elses kids....for a few hours at a time.

And really, wasn't that the obvious sort of took the bait, didn't you?

Nick said...

You said it was BIG news. That would be NEW. Something BIG. Are you buying an SUV?

LostInColor said...

oh dang it. I hate waiting! Like the new fall colors! Orange is one of my favorite. :)

Meaner Dog said...

Glad to finally see a post from you. I was getting worried. Big news? Sara is branding her beer, and putting it out in the marketplace???? That would be cool.

Maya said...

I like the seasonal autumn look as well. As for fun - well you can't ALWAYS be having fun, or you would lose sight of what fun is, right? There has to be that balance in life (with the scale tipped towards more than less fun, of course).
Okay, spill the beans. We are all waiting...

Butch Boo said...

Go get some fun now! You can't put having fun off for when it's convenient!!