Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just go....its important.

Fight the H8 in Your State

A little late, but I will be following this up with some phone calls to folks important to me and to whom I am important.

I believe that minorities cannot fight discrimination by themselves. Allies must stand with us. And today all that is asked is that you stand and be present.

You don't need to shout.

You don't need to carry a sign.

You don't need to shake your fist.

You simply need to stand and be counted.

Be present.

Be present to make a statement.

Just go. Its about rights for people you love... whether you know who they are or not. Its about standing together as a nation to state that we will not let any discrimination go unnoticed.

You may call on me someday to stand up for you.

And I will be there.


Meaner Dog said...

Ya know, I'm a straight conservative, but I have been seriously considering what "Truth" in the bible is. I don't doubt God. I doubt man's interpretation of God's word. I may not be at a rally, but I do support you. Does that make me a "closet" supporter? I wish you success in your endeavor.

Maya said...

Check out my other sister's blog from today( I think both Jenn and Julie sum it up well. I love you Jenn - and I love Sara too. I would support this cause even if you guys weren't my family - but it hurt my heart maybe all that much more when prop 8 etc. passed, because you are my family and I do love you two. It is hard to believe not all people have equal rights in this country.That is disappointing and hurts too. So we must just keep on keeping on - and continue fighting for civil rights/equal rights for all.

sageweb said...

Sweet!..The rally's seem to bring a ton of people all across the country. We had a lot of Straights helping us out. It is always nice to see people some together..

frank said...

Mary, Catie and I all went to the demonstration in Portland yesterday after you called. Thanks for the call. Perhaps the arrival of a rational President will give us all the push we need to help make the changes America needs to join the civilized world.

Jen said...

md - All support is welcomed! Thanks for speaking up here.

Maya and Pop - I love that you all went...and its not just my rights. This standing up the same folks to will chip away at women's rights, social services and who knows what next.

sage - It was really inspiring to see everyone come out and show their support!

LostInColor said...

It was really great for me, I thought for sure I was going to show up and be the only one there. We had about 100 people in Fort Collins Colorado's rally.