Friday, November 07, 2008

Something to distract you...

In April of 2005, we rented a fire lookout for a couple was a terrific time. In the short time we were there, we saw one other couple (mountain bikers), it snowed, rain and sunshined. We played a lot of cribbage, gin and scrabble.

I won the Championship of the World at gin...I don't know how the championships of the other games ended up...someone else might have won, its not important, really.

This is GreenRidge lookout, its a drive up in the MacKenzie River drainage.

This was our view...well, this plus another 270 degrees and a few more mountains...but Mt. Jefferson is my favorite.

It was so luxurious, even the facilities had a view...

[An aside: I framed this picture for my folks as an updated picture of the favorite daughter (that reminds me, maybe I should turn off comments so no sibling can refute that). The woman who would come clean for them, on a weekly basis, would hide this photo behind all the other ones.

And on a weekly basis, my folks would return it to a visible location.

This went on for three years. As a family, we decided to give her a break and get a new picture in that frame....really. She earned it with her patience and fortitude.]

And this is a picture of the bug that was trapped between the two shirts Sara wore to bed. It literally woke both of us up flapping its beetley wings trying to get out of her clothes.
"Was that you?" She asked.
"No. That wasn't you?" I asked.
At which point it beat its wings again.
Sara responded with frantic chest pounding... like Celine Dion but faster.

I waited to laugh until after she had stripped down and thrown all her clothes out onto the deck of the lookout...because I am nice like that.

Ok, that should keep you all for a bit longer until the most fantastic secret in the universe can be revealed. If that is not enough, there are few more pictures here.
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Nick said...

Testing, this thing on?

I would like to be the first sibling to acknowledge Jen's status as Favored Daughter.

I trust that I can count on her vote in the contest for Favored Son.

The competition for Favored Offspring will NOT be decided by a game of Scrabble.

eb said...

Thanks for changing the background color. I have a hard time with blogs that have a black backgroung. And, of course, it's all about me.

But, I absolutley love the idea of renting a fire lookout. I so want to do that now.

Jen said...

I would like to second Nick's status as favorite (read: only) Son.

And suggest that Favored Offspring be settled by a game of Scrabble.

Eb-You are not the first person to mention the black. I am glad to know its better. Fire Lookout rental is so fun! The fill up REALLY quickly, so plan 6 months to a year in advance if you will need to go on a weekend.

Maya said...

Thank you for the distraction. Love the fire lookout story and photos. The outhouse photo. So funny - Chloe was sitting next to me when I was reading your blog,and she said "Hey! That's a picture of Aunt Jenn that's at Ama and Natch's house!" : )
Ahem! Favored schmavored, you two.
Yes, I am sure you are your mother's favorite child (read: only),Jenn. And Nick, yes, you are most favored (read: only) son. ; )
Okay, my next guess after getting a puppy is you won the lottery. And I mean the big one. And you giving us all a million dollars. Right?

roro said...

Hahahaaa! That's the most awesome photo EVER. I can't stop laughing over the poor cleaning lady. Although Sara pounding her chest like Celine Dion is also contributing to my helpless mirth.

sageweb said...

The view looks amazing. Being cold would freak me out alone...I don't need a bug to cause my death.

Maya said...

Are you getting a new car?

weese said...

you're killin' me here.
(tho i love the outhouse pic)

Maya said...

Did you notice my last post here was at 4:40 a.m.? You have me so curious I can't sleep(actually Justin was up, and not going back to sleep - I think his tummy hurt. But none the less I DID choose to check in here at that time...)

LostInColor said...

Hello??? Still waiting here!