Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Seattle Snow

The snow actually started last night... about the time we headed out to Green Lake for the Luminary walk with friends. However, Sara had been monitoring (and recording) the temperature for the entire day... maybe I can get her to plot the data for you later.

Cold Pansies... speaking of Pansies, we were signed up to do the Jingle Bell run this morning. But here I am blogging and Sara is still sleeping. She was up from 3am to 6am monitoring the weather (obsessive?) and told me we wouldn't be going to the run this AM because our hill is as slick as snot. All that snow had turned to ice.

But we are home, warm and cozy....with gifts to finish wrapping, crafty projects to finish up and football to watch!

I hope Sara wakes up in time....
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Amanda R. said...

How is it possible that Austin got snow before Seattle did?

sageweb said...

Dont you have spiked running shoes?

I have a word verification that is borderline nasty...Syd would love it...but since this is a family blog I will refrain.

SassyFemme said...

I'm pouting, I want snow!

Syd said...

How ironic that we got snow before you. We probably won't see anymore though.

Sage! What was it??

Jen said...

AR, Sassy & Syd - I know, how is it that the South snowed before us and the NE is still without??? Wacky!

sage - I thought I was the only one who got naughty verification words!