Monday, December 01, 2008

Getting back to the fun!

Quiet around here, isn't it?

Right now, we are sitting in an internet cafe in Bend, OR drinking hot chocolate and listening to Norah Jones. Bliss.

We finished a four hour hike this morning, came into town to do a little shopping and touch base with all you folks.
Yes, we are vacation and getting our fun groove back! Thankfully, it has not taken me long to remember how to kick back and laugh.

We have some pictures to share too, to keep you all feeling connected. Brother and I went for a hike on Turkey day itself, and this album is the start of the vacation fun.

Ok, maybe we will get a chance to come back to town again and check in on y'all...but don't hold your breath...we have a lot of reading, dancing around, singing, hiking, cooking, eating, scrabble-ing and movie-watching to do!


sageweb said...

Wow what beautiful pictures!! I would imagine this would be a great hike in August.. When it is warm.

SassyFemme said...

Breathtaking photos! I can't imagine what it's like to hike when it's that cold. I get all wussy when it's a cold fall morning, forget about snow!

Syd said...

Norah Jones + hot chocolate does NOT go with vacation. Dancing and hiking sounds pretty fun though.

Take lots of pics. 'Specially the dancing.

Nick said...

Sure, post photos but 'forget' to play your turn at scrabble. You sure are trudging for a nudging, Sis. :-)

weese said...

hey...aren't you people on vacation alot.

so syd... what works then Norah and a Hot Toddy?

LostInColor said...

I love the pictures!!!

Jen said...

SWeb- August might have been clear too...our timing with the fog was ridiculous!
SF- Nothing like a little real snow...say the PNWesterners who have to go seek it out!
Syd- the dancing was/is a blast! That sara can SWING!

Jen said...

Bra- I didn't 'forget' I thought all week about the crappy tiles I have!

Weese- Ha! It must seem like we are always on vacation because we have so much g/d fun!

LiCO- yes, but CO boasts REAL mountains!