Saturday, December 06, 2008

Home again

Back to the city life! Vacation is over, but it was fabulous!

I am going to just hit the high points of our week at the cabin to give you an idea of the fun that was had...

1. Grub. We brought all of our own food. The first weekend there, I cooked a Turkey Day dinner just for the two of us...complete with an 11 lb bird. After the sides were finished off, the turkey was made into Tetrazzini and another casserole involving stuffing and gravy. For hiking, we packed turkey sliders, celery sticks with peanut butter (Sara wished we had raisins too) and some kick-A ginger cookies with a whiskey/sugar glaze. Amazingly, we never got sick of turkey, and simply re-heating meals left a lot of time for relaxing.

2. Hiking. It was fabulous to get out. We went on four hikes (well, three and a half, after we found the road closed and opted to skip rocks instead of hike around the lake, it was stinkin' cold that afternoon). Of course, the photo contest continues...I doubt I will post the entries, as Sara took some fabulous shots this trip. But all the rest of the hiking photos are here.

3. Work. We did do some work while we were there. We made fire-starters for backpacking and other fire lighting activities, and for Sara's grammy who still uses her wood stove. It was fun melting the wax and stuffing the egg cartons. (Hm. We seem to have a lot of egg carton activities...). We did some other work too. Its a family cabin, so we cleaned gutters, cut dead limbs, raked pine needles off the roofs and away from the foundation and made a bench for the fire pit.

4. Skills. Sara has mad chainsaw skills. Its a simple fact. While she carefully cut a bench out of what remained of a pine, I cut dead limbs from the trees on the property and gracefully brought them back to the burn pile. It reminded me that much of what I do doesn't involve holding my arms over my head...nor does in involve a pole saw. I suspect arm muscle weakness was why I lost at scrabble that night.

5. Games. We may have played some scrabble...I can't remember. However, we watched the OSU Beavers blow it in their bid for the Rose bowl at the Boondocks (no TV at the cabin...or phone, or Internet). And it was Happy hour when were that!

And that is it...we read back issues of the New Yorker, kept the wood stove burning, ate when we were hungry, hiked or worked when we were restless, slept when we were tired, learned to swing dance in 6 easy steps, and watched movies on the laptop when it was time to veg-out.

Completely rebalanced...and looking forward to the things to come!


SassyFemme said...

That bench is just too cool. Love the picture of the twig antlers! Sounds like a really relaxing time for you guys.

Nick said...

OMG you melted SANTA!!!1!!!1!

You are SO getting a lump of coal in your stocking. I know people say that all the time, but I actually have a lump of coal I've been saving for just this purpose.

Of course, you will probably use Santa to turn it into a cheery little fire to warm up your stinky Santa-melting toes.

Are you sure that was Turkey? Couldn't possibly have been reindeer could it?


roro said...

Wow - I HATE the outdoors, but you've made it look almost appealing!! Sounds like a fantastic vacation - for everyone but Santa. Poor, unsuspecting Santa...

weese said...


weese said...

o but wait.. i forgot i hate the cold.

Jen said...

sf - a video of my antlered-self frolicking in the forest would have been black mail material!

Bra - Reindeer...Yum! It was a trick getting all eight into the freezer!

roro - Heh heh...It was Happy Hellidays for Santa!

Weese - I suspect we would seek out less cold if we actually lived in it...considering that it was raining and 55 when we got back, I would take snow anyday!

Syd said...

So happy that you had a nice time. Glad you're back though.

Maya said...

Extremely impressed with Sara's chainsaw skills, to say the least. Can't wait to sit on the bench, myself one of these days. Nice addition to the cabin. : )