Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas - Jen and Sara Style

This morning was Xmas (at least for us)!

Yesterday, being Xmas eve, we finished up our Xmas shopping, got the car ready for holiday travel and then came home to enjoy highfalutin appetizers from Whole Foods for dinner and the annual viewing of Scrooge with Albert Finney (far and away the best version of the Dickens masterpiece) whilst the snow fell.

There has been considerable snow fall, which has made things clean and quiet around here. We made some fabulous cinnamon rolls (refrigerated last night, and baked this AM), bacon and fruit for breakfast, exchanged gifts, and headed out for a winter walk!

We headed to the Farmers Market, surprised to find it open, shopped around a little and hopped a bus home. Walking through all that snow was a workout!

The snow is starting again...we have enjoyed second breakfast and are gearing up for a Seahawks game. Bliss.

Sara is a weather nut...and has been checking at least four different website for updates about every 15 minutes. Her favorite is this one...I have to finish up now..she needs to see the update.


SassyFemme said...

Oh I didn't know about the hourly graph part of NOAA. Now I've got a new toy to check out for our next storm.

Happy Holidays!

Syd said...

SECOND BREAKFAST!!!! I **LOVE** that idea.

Maya said...

So wait. Were you going to watch the Seahawks game live? In the snow? Hope you bundled up if you did!

Jen said...

sf- Enjoy the graphing function...I seriously don't know how we would get by without it! ;)

syd- The original 'second breakfast is from the Lord of the Rings series. But when I learned of it, it was like "Duh! Second Breakfast! Of course!"

Maya - We watched the game on TV.

roro said...

You guys are too cute for school! Walking through snow IS a workout - I just got back from busting a trail with the dog and we're ready for a nap. We're all about second breakfast here - in fact, I'm thinking of having one right now, even though it's two and technically "lunch"...

sageweb said...

I love the weather too..I am going to go spend some quality time watching your weather..cuz mine is boring.