Monday, January 05, 2009

Making our way to the next holiday....

We did a little holiday catch up and visited the folks in PDX this weekend for gift exchanges and general merriment. It was all very merry and would have been more so if I hadn't gotten sick too. But despite have temporarily lost my voice (much to Sara's amusement) I am on the mend.

These personalized candle-holders, that you are all so jealous of, were from my sister...the pink and green is well suited for our having been teens in the 80s, I love it!

It started snowing again, thus Sara has been on watch...with reports every few minutes at least. I suspect she will have a lot of work today with the snow followed by rain. It makes for heavy branches and falling limbs.

We started the New Year by wishing on the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey....can anyone tell who won here?

I wish we had had a picture of our faces when it broke, a piece hit the floor and we were both left standing with little sticks! We at least know the new year has a sense of humor!


Nick said...

EXACTLY the same thing happened to Ashley and I last night with the preserved wishbone from Christmas dinner! How weird.

Syd said...

Seriously awesome pictures, Jen.

The wishbone cracked me up!!

sageweb said...

I was so glad to see the snow turn to rain last night, I barely escaped PDX.
The candles are great, very cool. I think the turkey won the wishbone pull.

Jen said...

Nick - does it have something to do with us? I see a research proposal...the Genetics of the wishbone pull.

Syd - The look on our faces would have made you roll!

SWweb - I love it...the turkey won!