Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dull today...

...makes me seem fun tomorrow!

Ms. Sara and I start dance class tonight! I think we will be the best ones there, even though we missed the first class.... I just have a feeling (the feeling probably stems from the fact we studied the "Learn to Swing Dance in 6 Easy Lessons" video while on vacation a few month ago). Yup, we will kick arse while learning to kick up our heels in a coordinated fashion!

In other news, the university has misplaced my grant money. I find this amusing...mostly because I am sure it will be found eventually. However, I hear it took them over a month once to find a misplaced million dollar endowment....maybe my comparative 'small change' will take even longer?

This weekend, we fun gals head south by train for Sara's Grammie's 90th Birthday Celebration. Train tickets have been booked, a beach house has been rented, and meals have been allocated. We have Sunday: Tuna Noodle Casserole and Salad. The weekend will also include Mollie, Grammie's Scottie. Which reminds me, I have to go buy treats for her. I don't want her to be jealous during all the festivies.

We will post pictures upon our return, yes, we may even have a report on THE Cheese Factory. In the meantime, four days left in the week and lots to get done!


Syd said...

Is it THAT gay around there that you can actually take a dance class together? How wonderfully strange.

How does a University misplace funds? Is it in a velvet sack and somebody stuck it in a drawer? Jesus Christ!

Jen said...

Oh heck yes! Out-dancing is twice a month and 90% gays. Further, when we complete this class, we can sign up for the gay only class.

sageweb said...

I will be passing you..I fly into portland Sat. Wedding in Centralia on Sunday and then back to Portland to fly home on Monday. I think the train will stop in Centralia..you can see my little broke town.

Have fun!

Amanda R. said...

Huh...I totally misplaced a million bucks last winter, too. I found it in my jacket pocket last month.