Monday, March 02, 2009

Sara's Grandma turns 90

Yep, longevity runs in Sara's family. Naughtiness runs in mine....I hope Sara can stand it for another 50 years!

The Birthday beach weekend played out nicely...We left Friday after work to head south on the train. Sara's pop was waiting at the station when we arrived. We hit the hay at the folks' then left, en masse, the following morning to the coast.

The parents had rented a nice beach house with a view of the ocean. Our time was spent reading, relaxing, eating, playing games and generally enjoying each others company. All the photos to peruse are here.

Sara and I were responsible for making sure Ms. Molly, Grandma's faithful companion, got out regularly. We took our job seriously, as did Molly, she only had to remind us once or twice to pay a little better attention to her. On the beach she was an astute observer.... she chased and nearly caught a piece of seaweed that blew in the wind...if only Sara had been a little faster!

After two nights at the beach, a lot of great food, we were dropped off at the train station for our trip back north.

The train ride was great... we had dinner, played 1.5 games of scrabble, watched two episodes of South Park and two episodes of This American Life on the iPod. (This sums up Sara and I well: South Park and This American Life...two shows we both feel are worth paying for...)

Now, its back to a short work week and more dance class tonight! We have been practicing... And, no, we weren't the best in the class. The best dancers were the straight couple who refused to rotate and were all barfy kissy-face all over each other the whole time. Gross.

Sara was the only female lead in our class. I felt sort of sorry for her until I had to dance with sweaty, drunk, or sweaty and drunk male leads without rhythm... Not surprisingly, all the girls love her.


Syd said...

Great photos. But, DAMN! It looks too cold to be at the beach.

Nick said...

I LOVE your iPod "TRiPOD" accessory.

Jen said...

Yes Syd. This is why PNWerners are so depressed. We go to the beach to "storm watch" which translates to "look at clouds while it rains".

Brah, genius, n'est-ce pas?

sageweb said...

Trip pictures are nice..and a pic of an emu is always a bonus. Oh I bet Sara is lovin being the only female lead..all that attention.

So did your train stop in Centralia? so happens my Niece's wedding party had a photoshoot at the train station on Sunday..And an Amtrak going north went thru...I was peaking to see if you were on it.

Jen said...

Sage - It did stop in Centralia, but we went through on Monday....and I was too busy watching South Park to peek out.

Sara totally loves all the attention she gets from the ladies. I keep my eye on her.

roro said...

Aw! That sounds like the most perfect weekend ever. Happy Birthday to Sara's Grandma!

In other news, I hope someone is making a documentary of your dance class experience called "The Lesbians in my Dance Class". FINALLY, a reality show I would enjoy seeing every week!

Maya said...

Um, I ADORE reading your blog. Maybe in part because I adore the two of you, but I really think I would still have fun reading it even if you guys were strangers to me.
Happy Birthday to Sara's Grandma. Looks like 90 and going strong!

Meaner Dog said...

Were they really sweaty and drunk? At a dance class? YUCK! Sometimes men can be such pigs.

Jen said...

RoRo- That would be an excellent documentary, especially since Sara is so funny... at least that is what all her new girlfriends at dance class tell her.

Maya, thanks for the compliment! We adore you too!

MD- I should be fair, just one is always drunk, another has halitosis, so far only one is a side-boob grabber, many are sweaty, and few have rhythm. All in all, it not too far as dance class goes.